Isabelle Brocas

Professor of Economics

My research revisits standard theories of decision-making and aims at better understanding how people make choices, what motivates them and what cognitive limitations prevent them from making rational choices.


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Juan D. Carrillo

Professor of Economics

My areas of specialization are Neuroeconomic Theory, Microeconomic Theory and Experimental Economics. I am particularly interested in studying how choices change from childhood to adulthood


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  Project Specialists & Predocs

 Prianca Nadkarni

Prianca earned a B.S. in Neuroscience, and a minor in Applied Math and Statistics at Johns Hopkins University.

Daniel Hermosillo

Daniel is a graduate of Occidental College, where he studied Mathematics and Economics.


Ulysses Rios (BA Economics, Cornell University)

Andrea Victoria (MA Physics, Ecole Normal Superieure Ulm, France)

  USC Students

Virat Agrawal (PhD, Public Policy)

Samantha Betts (PhD, Neuroscience Graduate Program)

Fiona Chen (BA, Economics and Data Sciences)

Juan Gonzalez (PhD, Economics)

Yehao Gu (MA, Economics)

Haoran He (MA, Economics)

Jerry Jiang (BA, Economics & Psychology)

Yifu Liu (BA, Economics)

Yao Lu (BA, Economics)

Shaunak Narain (BA, Behavioral Economics)

Youg Sanghvi (BA, Economics)

Karthik Srinivasan (BA, Economics & Psychology)

Ziwei Yu (PhD, Economics)

Kan Zeng (MA, Economics)

Xidi Zhang (MA, Economics)

Siyuan Zhou (MA, Economics)

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