Past PhD and Post-doc students
  • Dalton Combs, Founder and CEO at Dopamine Labs
  • Arya Gaduh, Assistant Professor of Economics, University of Arkansas
  • Aleksandar Giga, Postdoctoral Researcher at the Viterbi School of Engineering (USC)
  • Agne Kajackaite, Research Associate, WZB, Berlin
  • Ryan Kendall, Research Associate, University College London
  • Niree Kodaverdian, Visiting Assistant Professor, Pomona College
  • James Melrose, FICO Analytics
  • Ashish Sachdeva, Postdoctoral Researcher at National University of Singapore
  • Saurabh Singhal, Research Fellow, World Institute for Development Economics Research
  • Jorge Tarraso, Assistant Professor, Minerva Schools
  • Jekaterina Zyuzin, Researcher at Occidental College
Past Predoctoral students


Our Predoctoral Program is part of the LABEL Training program. Meet our alumni.



Past Non USC Trainees

The LABEL Training program hosts between 15 and 20 non USC students every year, on either a remote or in person format. Meet our alumni.

Past BA, MA and PhD rotations students
  • Folasade Aremu (MA, Economics)
  • Jori Barash (BA, Economics)
  • Madison Burger (BA, Economics)
  • Matthew Burr (MA, Economics)
  • Ethan Caspi (BA Economics)
  • Raina Cheung (BA, Psychology)
  • Jade Clemons (MA, Economics)
  • Ciara Collins (BA, Economics and Cognitive Science)
  • Sara Doyle (BA, Psychology)
  • Yehao Gu (MA, Economics)
  • Alex Holt  (MA, Economics)
  • Max Ibrahimzade (BA, Economics)
  • Alia Jaffrey (BA, Economics)
  • Jerry Jiang (BA, Economics & Psychology)
  • David Johnson (Neuroscience Graduate Program)
  • Eye Eoun Jung (MA, Economics)
  • Calvin Leather  (BA, Neuroscience)
  • Shiyu Li (MA, Economics)
  • Yixuan Li (MA, Economics)
  • Yifu Liu (BA, Economics)
  • Wei Liu (MA, Economics)
  • Yao Lu (BA, Economics)
  • Padideh Nasseri (NGP program, USC)
  • Nilima Pisharody (MA, Economics)
  • Kovid Puria (BA, Economics)
  • Youg Sanghvi (BA, Economics)
  • Erica Schug (BA, Neuroscience)
  • Kevin Stearns (MA, Economics)
  • Fan Yang (MA, Economics)
  • Xuemeng Yin (MA, Economics)
  • Xidi Zhang (MA, Economics)
  • Shuchen Zhao (MA, Economics)