Short communications

  • “Beer, doughnuts and a $1 million lottery — how vaccine incentives and other behavioral tools can help reach herd immunity”, I. Brocas, May 18, 2021, The Conversation


  •  “What does it mean to choose rationally?”, I. Brocas and J. Carrillo, 2020, Frontiers for Young Minds. PDF 


  • “Strategic thinking in children and adolescents is determined by underlying network abilities”, I Brocas and J. Carrillo, 2017,

LABEL reports

  • The genetic influences of cognition and personality,  L. Belian and I. Brocas (assisted by Jennifer Kim, Archana Ravi, Ritali Jain, Manya Singh, Aditya Sriram, Arnab Sircar), LABEL reports, December 2021
  • Responding to vaccination hesitancy in an era of distrust,  S. Bazzal and I. Brocas, LABEL reports, July 2021
  • Understanding the Mechanisms that Underlie Human Intelligence and Giftedness, I. Brocas and R. Sirdeshmukh (assisted by Jorge Jimenez, Irfan Khan, Mihir Parekh, Victoria Rakitin, Aditya Sriram and Arnab Sircar), LABEL reports, May 2021
  • They’re watching you: understanding online behavioral tracking and targeting S. Bazzal and I. Brocas (assisted by Xuemeng Yin), LABEL reports, February 2021
  • Impulsive and Compulsive Buying Behaviors: Differences and Similarities? S. Bazzal and I. Brocas (assisted by Emma Levi, Jennifer Cresap, Shayan Kothari and Jonathan Hu), LABEL reports, December 2020
  • How can education help reduce inequality? I. Brocas, LABEL reports, December 2020
  • Detecting effects in experimental studies, I. Brocas, LABEL reports, November 2020
  • Inequality in the US: the lost American dream, I. Brocas and W. Lu (assisted by Jennifer Cresap, Emma Levi and Anchi Bryant Xia), LABEL reports, July 2020
  • Drug behavior in adolescents,  S. Bazzal and I. Brocas, LABEL reports, May 2020
  • Cognitive Control: Technical Report, I. Brocas, LABEL reports, March 2020
  • Decision-making and ADHD, I. Brocas (assisted by S. Atluri , R. Baba and T. Berberian), LABEL reports, April 2020
  • The Neuroscience of ADHD: Technical Report, I. Brocas, LABEL reports, April 2020
  • Depressive behavior in adolescents, I. Brocas and Y. Chen, LABEL reports, December 2019
  • What is autism spectrum disorder? I. Brocas (assisted by S. Atluri, R. Baba, J. Guo, C.R. Mcaniff and E. Ohannessian), LABEL reports, June 2019 
  • How do children develop special skills and how does this affect cognition? I. Brocas (assisted by S. Cook and E. Ohannessian), LABEL reports, May 2019

LABEL High School Journal

The LABEL High School Journal publishes short research articles from our high school students enrolled in the LABEL Training Program. Articles are related to the research they conduct at LABEL.