The Little Experimentalists Program (LEP) is offered to schools who partner with LABEL to study Developmental Behavioral Economics. Led by USC experts, the program provides hands-on research activities and classes tailored to your school’s needs.


These 20 minutes to 1-hour sessions are tailored to age-appropriate curriculum and focus on a variety of topics including game theory, statistics, probability theory, philosophy of sciences, and algorithmic. We also offer feedback case study classes that allow students to see the data we collected from their school as part of the Developmental Behavioral Economics Study. This unique opportunity allows students to see firsthand how data is collected and analyzed, and how it can inform behavior. 

Field trips

During this onsite experience, students are taught about the scientific method applied to decision-making. They can also visit our laboratory and are offered a short demo of our equipment.

Sometimes combined with a ” Preparing for College” session to explain which qualities top universities look for in an applicant. Whatever goals students might have, the sessions help prepare students to achieve them.



Seminars are meant for teachers and parents. They provide feedback about our studies, describe developmental aspects of decision-making, and discuss the relationship between what we teach at school and quality of decisions by children and adolescents.

We also offer “Preparing for College” sessions


Internships are meant for highly motivated high schoolers who wish to gain hands-on research experience in preparation for college. Interns interact with USC undergraduate and graduate students, high schoolers from other LA institutions, and graduate students from a variety of U.S. and international institutions who visit LABEL, through the LABEL Internship Program.



A site containing STEM related-resources for parents and teachers to organize activities and projects with elementary children.




A site for middle and hight school students showcasing projects in math, sciences and social sciences. It also offers resources for college preparation.


For Parents and Teachers

A site offering information about child development, cognition, as well challenges around children and teens.

LEP current and past  activities

Check our previous activities conducted with students, parents and teachers

Our studies with children FAQ

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Study documents

This link provides official information regarding our studies and participants’ privacy protection