Welcome to LABEL

Who we are

The Los Angeles Behavioral Economics Laboratory (LABEL) is a research center dedicated to experimental research on economic decision-making and strategic interactions with a special emphasis on the collection of non-choice data and age-related changes in decision-making.


Decisions, Motivation and Reasoning

While Experimental Economics has proven useful over the years to test and disentangle theories, it is often difficult to reveal motivations for choices. Non-choice data offer the opportunity to understand underlying mechanisms of decision-making leading to behavior. This additional knowledge can then be used to build theoretical models of behavior that better explain and better predict observed choices. These non-choice measures include reaction time, skin conductance, neural activity, and eye-movement, and are routinely collected at LABEL.


Decisions over the Life Cycle

LABEL is particularly interested in age-related aspects of decision-making. Specifically, topics of relevance include how preferences, motivations and choices change throughout the lifespan. Studies include populations from 4 to 85 years of age.



LABEL conducts research studies that inform our fundamental knowledge of decision-making and how behavior differs in different populations.  


LABEL offers a variety of classes and training programs for school age and college students.  We provide STEM related activities to train the next generation of scientists.


LABEL organizes academic conferences and seminars. We also organize events to disseminate knowledge to adolescents, teachers and parents.